Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.  -Robert Frost
Compost Mentis
 Tending the Garden of the Soul
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About Compost Mentis:

Compost Mentis' main gardener and visioner is Moria, a shamanic practitioner who offers shamanic teaching and healing on the etheric / spiritual levels. Events, ritual, ceremony, and workshops are periodically available at Compost Mentis in western Amador County and in a variety of other places in Northern California.

Some workshops are co-taught with Claudia, an energy healer / body worker and flower essence practitioner. Their complementary perspectives show two of the many ways shamanic practice can inform and express in a modern world.

Compost Mentis itself is also a mini-farm and experiment in organic polyculture, sustainable living, and conscious consumption. It's a bit of a riot, really. There are sunchokes in the strawberry patch, free-range basil, and the hens herd the cats. There's a toad. There are hummingbirds. Organic chard available year-round.
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About Moria
I believe that everything has Spirit, and we are all connected. I love this Earth that we live on, and I am committed to minding and mending the webs – both physical and energetic – that connect and feed us all. I believe it is important for each of us to live our whole, authentic self in balanced relationship with the energies of our worlds. I follow this path with an open heart, and the path follows me as well.

My passion now is to share, to teach, to heal and to align: to work with my helping spirits and guides to help you find your own steps on the path, and to bring healing energy and gratitude to our world – to the sacred and mundane stages our lives are set upon.

About Claudia:
I believe that as we move toward living in reciprocity with the natural world, our channels of awareness start opening. We start to reconnect with inner sight, inner knowing and start to listen with our hearts. We become aware that everything is alive, the trees, the rocks, the wind. When this happens our world expands, we move into responding to life from our Divinity and connection rather than separation. When we practice this way of being, we enter the flow of life and stop swimming against the tide.

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